Partner Programs

Today, the mobile and field technology market is still incredibly challenging and rapidly evolving requiring all leading providers to collaborate in addressing the needs of the market and most importantly clients.  It is rare for any one provider of technology, services, and consulting to offer the entire solution our clients need. Kordata embraces partner strategies to extend your team’s capabilities, as well as to extend your own. Our best of breed partner approach ensures that your clients, and ours, get the best solution possible.

Enterprise IT

Rather than having your lines of business select a solution that you will inherit to integrate, and support, consider subcontracting Kordata as an extension to your team. Use our highly skilled business analysts, designers, and report writers to accelerate the creation of form-heavy data collection and workflows for your business clients.

enterprise web mobile partners
mobile system integration

System Integrators

Do you have mobile projects that you could win or extend with great mobile solutions but are lacking in-house expertise? Add us to your team as a partner and service provider. We can provide highly-skilled exceptional mobile expertise in data workflow and reporting to augment your team and provide you the tools to integrate into the systems you develop and manage for your clients.

Dev Shops

At Kordata we have over 17 years’ experience in building mobile applications and understand the challenges with getting projects developed on time within budget.  Add us to your team to engineer mobile solutions and workflow that you can hand off or learn to build and maintain on our platform. If you only need help with mobile forms in your existing apps, check out our developer tools.

Looking for robust development tools?

Check out our easy to use developer library for creating complex mobile forms on Android, iOS, and web.

Kordata Dev Shop Partners
Kordata SAAS partners

SaaS Solution Providers

No mobile? Mobile web not meeting all of your needs? Need exceptional mobile forms in your existing native mobile app? We are there for you to deliver an exceptional and integrated mobile solution that will improve your competitiveness and increase the value to your clients with additional subscription and services revenue.

Software Companies

Are you lacking mobile in your existing products or your mobile solution is not well received by your clients? Challenged with finding good mobile software developers or expertise? Looking like the cost of adding mobile to your application will be cost prohibitive? Leverage our highly-skilled resources, infrastructure and customizable technologies to expand the capabilities of your current and future customer base by extending data-based workflows to additional staff in the field. With Kordata’s partner program you will discover new revenue opportunities and secure clients for several more years with highly scalable and critical mobile solutions.

Looking for robust development tools?

Check out our easy to use developer library for creating complex mobile forms on Android, iOS, and web.

Kordata Software Company Partners
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Your Technology in Our Solutions

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools
  • IoT and M2M
  • Peripherals
  • Devices
  • Cloud

Kordata’s partner program is designed to mutually benefit companies while bringing the best of breed mobile solutions to clients.  If you think that taking mobile to the next level at your organization is critical or you have technology that our clients can benefit, we want to hear from you!