SUMMIT Selects Kordata for Field and Lab Data Collection and Reporting

Boise, Idaho: Kordata announced that SUMMIT Engineering, Laboratory & Testing has recently adopted Kordata as their primary data collection solution for their Materials Testing and Inspections teams. SUMMIT is currently in production with Kordata and are experiencing an immediate return on investment and time savings with the mobile data collection platform.

“In the first month of deploying Kordata, we collected over 4,000 field density tests into an easily organized and searchable system that would have otherwise had to be manually entered into spreadsheets,” said Sam Stephens, Special Inspections Manager at SUMMIT.

Kordata’s Material Testing and Inspection for the construction industry is a powerful end-to-end solution that includes highly flexible, intelligent mobile data collection capabilities for field staff, office staff, management, and labs. Once data is collected and approved, Kordata’s automated customized reports can be disseminated easily to meet the needs of clients and the industry. The solution ensures that inspection and testing agencies and labs can easily collect and report data for their projects accurately while also reducing construction delays waiting on results and the cost of redundant data entry.

“We are looking forward to realizing additional cost savings in the upcoming months.” Continues Mr. Stephens, “Kordata has the flexibility to meet not only our needs, but can scale to address the specific requirements of our clients which makes for a key differentiator of our services when compared to our competitors in the industry.”

MT&I organizations like SUMMIT can get up and running quickly with Kordata’s FastStart MTI templates with customization to meet an agency’s specific data collection, workflow, and reporting requirements from the field to lab. “We make it easy to implement and staff loves our solution because they spend less time creating reports and more time in the field,” explains General Manager, Erin Hutchison.

Kordata Material Testing FastStart App PreviewTo demonstrate how quickly an organization can get up and running, Kordata is offering free trials of FastStart MTI. “Mobile is quickly becoming the standard. With our free trial, agencies that are overwhelmed with paperwork, ongoing errors, and reporting delays, can try before they buy to ensure that they get acceptance from their field staff, can realize immediate ROI, and improve the overall services they provide to their clients,” explains SVP, John Baisch. “We understand that there is a lot of resistance to change by field staff, but like Summit’s experience, once they start using Kordata’s FastStart MTI, they quickly realize that this is much easier. No more wasted time or late nights of completing reports.”

Project managers, lab managers, and administrative staff also benefit from Kordata’s FastStart MTI by getting a holistic to a granular view of projects, staff, and testing results quickly, so they can mitigate delays and get reports out to their clients quickly.

“Whether your agency complies with ASTM, AASHTO, and/or state regulations, Kordata’s MTI FastStart can be configured to meet your needs and more,” explains Terry Aarnio. “You can expand beyond just Material Testing and Inspection data collection needs.” With Kordata’s flexible architecture, you can add additional data collection needs such as tracking staff certifications, equipment calibration and maintenance, specialized testing, mileage logs, expense reports and much more.”

About SUMMIT Engineering, Laboratory & Testing: SUMMIT is a multi-disciplined engineering firm specializing in materials testing, inspections, geotechnical engineering & drilling, laboratory testing, structural engineering and environmental engineering. Founded by three partners in 2004 in the Charlotte, NC area, the company has grown to over 140 employees spread across the Carolinas. Earlier this year, the company became a 100% employee-owned ESOP firm. SUMMIT has offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston, along with an in-house NCDOT and AASHTO certified laboratory. For more information, visit

About Kordata: Kordata is the leading platform for intelligent and secure mobile forms and flexible data collection workflow. Our patent-pending mobile solution allows for the rapid deployment of complex forms for inspections, material testing, assessments, training, surveys, asset management and tracking, equipment maintenance, healthcare records and case management. Kordata excels in helping companies deliver solutions quickly without significant investment, translating into a better user experience, increased adoption, and substantial ROI. Companies of all sizes trust Kordata with their data collection needs. For more information, visit