Enhanced Smartphone Support and Expanded Forms UI/Fields

Boise, ID – Kordata, today announced the new release of Kordata 3.0, including new features and enhancements for smartphone users. The 3.0 release of Kordata now supports most popular Apple and Android smartphones natively with a smartphone-specific mobile forms design that greatly improves the end-user experience. “By focusing on the end-user experience and differences between using a tablet or a smartphone, it allowed us to design and optimize the best experience possible based on their device preference. Now a smartphone user gets a better, smartphone-specific experience, which includes reformatting elements that are simultaneously displayed on a larger tablet, but would be intrusive and cumbersome on a smaller smartphone and now provides for easier navigation,” Kordata’s CEO, Terry Aarnio explains. “That user-first design is what we call the ‘Prime User Experience’ and it has an extremely positive impact on the ROI of a client’s mobile solution.”

“With 3.0, our clients can take advantage of the full feature set of Kordata using their smartphones,” said John Baisch, SVP Sales & Marketing at Kordata, “which most staff or contractors already have in order to perform their daily tasks and with which they are familiar navigating.” Companies globally – including some of the largest in America – rely on Kordata for their critical field data collection projects. Kordata continually innovates to add new capabilities that can help companies stay ahead of the game with a mobile first strategy for handling all field, asset, and facility data collection needs. Mr. Baisch went on to say, “Field staff, whether connected to a data network or not, all work in unique and varied ways, where one size doesn’t fit everyone. An end-user expects to be able to get their work done wherever they are and to have a native experience on their device of choice. This can go a long way to getting buy-in and extensive use from their mobile solution, as was intended when the original investment in such technology was made.”

Kordata’s 3.0 release also incorporates a new user interface, forms design, and additional fields for expanding the types of data that can be collected while significantly improving the overall user experience. In addition to conditional logic and calculations, new field types, such as a button bar, demonstrate Kordata’s responsiveness to meeting our clients’ needs and continually optimizing the interface to make it easy for staff to collect data without confusion or frustration. The new forms design also eliminates long form scrolling by incorporating tabular sections or pages that provide the ability to partition out a form and include the workflow that can further guide users through the data collection process. Kordata has yet again pushed their industry-leading flexibility in data collection and form design to new levels of capability not matched by other mobile platforms or electronic form solutions while putting the user experience first.

“With the new forms design, users benefit from reduced confusion and improve their overall experience while collecting data in any situation. Kordata has released a significant advancement in mobile data collection with 3.0 and exceeded our client’s expectations,” said Eric Carter, Senior Solutions Engineer at Kordata.

To learn more about Kordata 3.0, please visit Kordata’s web site at www.kordata.com.

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Kordata has been a leading provider of mobile data collection solutions for inspections, material testing, assessments, training, surveys, asset management and tracking, equipment maintenance, healthcare records and case management. Kordata specializes in helping companies deploy flexible mobile data collection solutions quickly without significant investment. For more information, visit www.kordata.com.