Improved Mobile Sync Capabilities for Field Staff and Enhanced Reporting

Boise, Idaho: Kordata announced today two major enhancements to their innovative enterprise data collection platform. First, mobile data synchronization to the cloud and web dashboard has been enhanced for additional stability, scalability, and usability. Second, reporting output has been extended to show trending data over time and provide that information graphically inserted into the report output in a single comprehensive report.

“Nothing is more frustrating to field staff than technology that is slow or outright doesn’t work,” CEO, Terry Aarnio, says, “so we put additional emphasis on ensuring that work is getting done as expected using Kordata without having to resort to old paper forms. We want to make the user experience as positive and productive as possible.” A data synchronization indicator reduces confusion and helps to ensure that all of the work recorded in the field makes its way successfully back to the office.

Even though reporting is not often considered core to a mobile technology platform, it is central to the purpose of most data collection tasks and workflow. CCO, David Cohen, shares further, “Information must turn into insight and action, so advanced reporting capabilities have been included in our powerful end-to-end solution to allow a line of business to implement the specific electronic forms, workflow, and report output critical to their success and the overall success of the entire organization.” Now, no matter where the data is collected, whether in the office or in a remote location where there is a poor or no reception, once back in range, data is securely and effectively synched to the cloud and made available to other staff for: customized and attractive reports meant to be shared with customers, compelling graphs, calculations, and insights immediately without additional effort, and trending information and data drawn from a data range that is actionable.

About Kordata: Kordata is the leading platform for intelligent and secure mobile forms and flexible data collection workflow. Our patent-pending mobile solution allows for the rapid deployment of complex forms for inspections, material testing, assessments, training, surveys, asset management and tracking, equipment maintenance, healthcare records and case management. Kordata excels in helping companies deliver solutions quickly without significant investment, translating into a better user experience, increased adoption, and substantial ROI. Companies of all sizes trust Kordata with their data collection needs. For more information, visit or Follow them on Facebook.