Kordata FastStart MTI Templates End-to-End Testing Solution with Rapid Customization

Boise, Idaho: Kordata, today announced the new release of Kordata FastStart MTI TM for Material Testing and Inspection for the construction industry. FastStart MTI is a powerful end-to-end solution that includes highly flexible, intelligent mobile data collection capabilities for field staff, office staff, management, and labs, along with automated, customized reports to meet the needs of clients and the industry. Kordata’s FastStart for MTI ensures that inspection and testing agencies, and their labs, can easily collect and report data for their projects accurately while significantly reducing construction delays waiting on results and the cost of redundant data entry.

Kordata FastStart Material Testing & Inspection man with Kordata Mobile Collection deviceMT&I organizations get up and running quickly with Kordata’s FastStart MTI templates that can also be customized to meet an agency’s specific data collection, workflow, and reporting requirements from the field to the lab. “We understand that working in the field can be challenging for staff to use mobile devices,” explains CEO Terry Aarnio. “With Kordata’s FastStart MTI we’ve incorporated our prime user experience to help significantly reduce the amount of data entry required, allowing staff to get their testing results recorded quickly, all without requiring connectivity in areas where no cell or wifi is available.”

To demonstrate how quickly an organization can get up and running, Kordata is offering free trials of FastStart MTI. “Mobile is quickly becoming the standard. With our free trial, agencies that are overwhelmed with paperwork, ongoing errors, and reporting delays, can try before they buy to ensure that they get acceptance from their field staff. We want agencies to realize immediate ROI and improve the overall services they provide to their clients before investing,” explains SVP, John Baisch. “We understand that there is a lot of resistance to change by field staff, but once they start using Kordata’s FastStart MTI, they quickly realize that this is much easier than their current paper-based processes. No more wasted time or late nights completing reports.”

Project managers, lab managers, and administrative staff also benefit from Kordata’s FastStart MTI by getting a holistic to granular view of projects, staff, and testing results quickly so they can mitigate delays and get reports out to their clients quickly. With Kordata’s dashboard, project managers can get in-depth visibility to staff and lab progress and mitigate risks preventing delays. Chain of custody, approval processes and reporting can be customized to meet their specific workflow to minimize errors and increase agency and client visibility into projects.

“Whether your agency complies with ASTM, AASHTO, and/or state regulations, Kordata’s MTI FastStart can be configured to meet your needs and more,” explains Terry Aarnio. “No more transposing data from paper-based reports, no delays of field data from online-based applications and no more late hours catching up from the day’s work. More time, means more projects that can be handled throughout the day. Kordata’s FastStart MTI proven design increases overall profitability, streamlining operations from field to lab to the client.”

About Kordata: Kordata is the leading platform for intelligent and secure mobile forms and flexible data collection workflow. Their patent pending mobile solution allows for the rapid deployment of complex forms for inspections, material testing, assessments, training, surveys, asset management and tracking, equipment maintenance, healthcare records and case management. Kordata excels in helping companies deliver solutions quickly without significant investment, translating into better user experience, increased adoption, and substantial ROI. Companies of all sizes trust Kordata with their data collection needs. For more information, visit www.kordata.com.