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Conditional Logic

Allows for the configuration of complex mobile forms to show or hide fields, sections, and pages. Questions are revealed as data is necessary.


Built-in functionality allows you to easily embed complex calculations that reference multiple fields.

25+ Field Types

Powerful field types like barcode, photo, and signature provide for rich data capture options that are sure to satisfy user requirements.

Built-In Field Validation

Puts pre-determined constraints on mobile form fields to ensure that the values entered meet the defined criteria.

Paged Forms

For even the most complex forms, Kordata can arrange multiple fields into separate pages for an organized user experience.

Fully Customizable

Customize to your workflow, add your own data sources, use your forms, and customize your reports.

Here Is What You Get With The 30-Day Mobile Data Collection FREE Trial

  • Module 1: Customer

    This module allows you to create a customer to be used in the other forms in the environment. You can enter values for customer name (required), phone number, number of employees (required with a drop-down), city (required), state (required), and the ability to designate up to 3 different account managers

  • Module 2: Service Evaluations

    Service industry inspections such as restaurants, child-care centers, and various transportation fields often require routine inspections to document standards compliance.

    This module allows you to select a customer from the drop-down list of the aforementioned customer module, then you go through and evaluate different parts of a simulated restaurant inspection.

    • Conditional Logic: Yes/No questions trigger conditional logic.
    • Colored Text Labels: Several different colors of text for the question/labels are illustrated in this form.
    • Score or Grade Capability:  A final score is tallied as Satisfactory/Failed upon completion of form.
  • Module 3: Safety Meeting

    The safety meeting module allows you to create and document safety meetings from your mobile device.

    • Location Information: Collect info such as Location, GPS Coordinates, and Weather Conditions.
    • Topic of Meeting: Record type of meeting, select from pre-populated topics of discussion, and comments/other notes
    • Meeting Acknowledgement Statement: Acknowledges the attendee(s) has/have participated in the documented safety meeting.
    • Topic of Meeting: Record type of meeting, select from pre-populated topics of discussion, and comments/other notes
    • Attendees: Record attendee participation, select from pre-populated person drop-down, capture attendee signature on a mobile device for the report.
  • Module 4: Field Types Form

    This module showcases the various types of fields or data that Kordata can collect. Use this module as a way to see how Kordata can be customized to meet your needs and capture the data specific to your companies forms and reporting needs.

    Single Object Selec Checkbox Line Item Stepper
    Multi-Object Select Date Picker Multi-select Switch
    Barcode/QR Code Date & Time Picker Number Text Area
    Single Button Bar Date & Time Stamp Number Slider Text Display
    Multi-Button Bar Display View Password Text Input
    Calculation Drop Down Photo Time Picker
    Currency Geolocation Signature Yes/No
  • Module 5: Car Catalog

    This module utilizes some of the capabilities of the available field types.

    • This module simulates collecting information to add to a car to the database by providing data for the
      • year,
      • make,
      • model,
      • color and
      • VIN number.
  • Module 6: Create QR Code

    This module showcases Kordata’s  ability to capture data such as descriptions, measurements, GPS location, and calculations with a QR Code output:

    • Saved as a .pdf
    • Emailed or
    • Printed from your mobile device

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