No matter what your needs, Kordata’s FastStart solutions can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

Our Inspection & Compliance FastStarts

material testing inspection for Construction Data Collection

Material Testing & Inspection

heavy equipment inspection mobile data collection

Heavy & Light Equipment Inspection/Maintenance

Hospital inspection mobile data collection

Facility Inspections

material testing inspection construction data collection soil samples

Environmental Monitoring & Inspections

Oil and Gas Inspection Mobile data collection

Oil & Gas Equipment Inspections

rail car inspection solutions

Railcar & Confined Spaces Inspection

agriculture inspection mobile data collection

Crop & Pest Inspection and Monitoring

Escalate Issues

Often during Inspection, Compliance, and Training work, staff find something that requires attention or follow-up. Customize such forms and make them available through every mobile device and desktop to staff and administrators anywhere and anytime. By taking submissions through digital forms, ensure accuracy and capture complete information of all types needed; photos, signatures, time, etc. and that they are routed to the appropriate person or department.

escalate problems

Monitor Staff & Assets

As forms are completed by someone about something, they move accurately and automatically through workflow to those who need to see the information.  In real-time, the activity, progress, and detail of your staff’s activity is delivered to the right person in and out of the office.

escalate problems

Create Custom Forms

Unlike other systems, Kordata is independent of your other systems, so create your own forms and other workflows to support the needs of your business beyond the information you currently are capturing. Track and train staff, maintain equipment, or create new inspections or assessments. The only limit is your imagination.

mobile custom form fields

Assign Users To Roles

Not all users do the same thing, see the same individuals, or work in the same location. By having a role-based system, staff can be organized so that their information is easily accessible when needed and your users won’t be bothered with irrelevant information they are not even allowed to see. This supports improved efficiency and productivity, but it also helps maintain compliance in a complex work environment.

Mobile Construction Inspection Forms

Custom Configuration

Every business and practice is a little different, so we allow you to customize our templates and off-the-shelf solutions to your own unique needs. We’ve done the bulk of the development work and the solutions are ready for you to come in and make the final touches. This greatly reduces the time, money, and effort of building a solution, but helps you stay in compliance and in step with other providers.

mobile data configuration

Attach Photos

It is very challenging and time-consuming to manage photos separately from the forms, questions, and reports that gave rise to the need for the photo in the first place. Additionally, there is a great risk of human error or non-compliant use of photos when reports are assembled down the road. It is increasingly important to perform work inline as it is happening to ensure compliance, accuracy, and accountability.

mobile inspection forms

Capture Signatures

The human touch and accountability still matter in nearly every industry. Our devices take us so far, but then there are so many things where approval and acknowledgment are enhanced by a human signature or initials – even required.

Mobile Form Signature

Scan Barcodes & QR Codes

More and more organizations are tagging items to help track their location, use, and state of repair. Quickly scan in information to mitigate risks and improve productivity.

scan qr code

Dictate Note Verbally

Use the voice recorder to complete text-based notes and rapidly complete large forms when working on mobile devices or when a keyboard is not readily available.

mobile dictation

Why Use Kordata’s Inspection & Compliance FastStarts?

Over 17 Years of Experience

Implementing mobile data collection in any organization has its challenges including resistance to change. Our experience can help your organization quickly adopt the technology within your current workflow.

Designed Specifically for Enterprise

Kordata’s Construction FastStart solutions are designed specifically for enterprises that support both commercial and infrastructure construction projects.

Increase Acceptance of Technology in the Field

Kordata’s powerful prime user experience helps construction companies by focusing on the user first to ensure that they can continue to work without extensive training or changes in their processes.

Designed to Fit Your Needs

Our construction-specific solutions are designed for your mobile data collection needs for daily progress reporting, materials testing and inspection, environmental inspections, storm water monitoring (SWPPP), cultural resource monitoring, equipment inspections and maintenance, safety meetings, and the list goes on.