What Are FastStart Solutions?

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Start Fast

Nothing kills momentum and the success of any project like delays and lack of direction. With the template of a solution for your needs, your team can quickly customize our templates to meet the specific needs of your organization and be up and running with a solution in just a couple of weeks.

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Industry Templates

End-to-end solution templates have been designed to get you 80% of the way to your destination, leaving 20% available for your own customization. Get a unique solution for your organization in a fraction of the time and cost, putting you out in front of your competition.

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Ease of Use

Most new technology projects fail and they do for many reasons. Frequently, they fail because end users don’t readily adopt new solutions. Kordata FastStart solutions are easy to use, intuitive, and simplify workflow. With minimal training and solutions purpose-built for each Prime User, the learning curve is shorter and not nearly as steep. Ensure your project success!