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“Be the industry leader in mobile data collection by developing and deploying the most innovative, flexible, scalable, mobile data collection and workflow software available by solving the challenging technical issues and putting simple and elegant solutions in the hands of our valued clients.”

Boise Tech Scene

Boise, Idaho is a terrific place to live and work – even in the tech industry. If you haven’t explored the area, you’re in for a treat. Idaho has more rivers than any other state – if you’re a kayaker or whitewater junkie, this is the place for you. Not a fan of water? No problem – the mountain biking trails and nearby camping is unparalleled.

Skiers, we’re only 30 minutes from a 2,600+ acre ski resort! Not to mention, the Boise tech scene is bustling. From new startups popping up left and right, to technology companies that have made their claim to fame Boise is positioning itself to become the tech “hot spot” of the Northwest. Check out what some local tech companies have to say about it:

How it started…

Mobile data collection and management solutions are not simply trends we are hopping on after recognizing new opportunities. Mobility has been ingrained in our technological DNA since 2000. With more than 17 years of experience supporting the largest organizations in the world with capable mobile solutions, we have been evolving our applications through innovation to meet the changing trends, platforms, and capabilities in mobile use across various industries.

We’re definitely not the new kids on the block! Mobile applications and workflows are very challenging. Do you know who you’re working with?

  • 2000

    MobileDataForce was founded to provide custom mobile solutions to our clients using a proprietary Rapid Application Development platform and data synchronization capabilities, called PointSync.

  • 2011

    Built on the PointSync platform, the award-winning FieldSync® platform provided a solution for organizations  to rapidly implement an application for field staff to synchronize their activities with those in the office, greatly improving the productivity and efficiency of their processes. From Healthcare companies to Construction, from Agriculture to Inspection companies, diverse organizations found great value in implementing a mobile solution to unite their organization and centralize much of their data.

  • 2014

    Recognizing the need for ever-increasingly complex and flexible data collection requirements of field staff and applications, the Kordata platform was launched to rise to these new challenges.

  • 2016

    Kordata launches it’s new mobile data collection and workflow solution. The highly secure, flexible, and scalable platform expands the possibilities that can be addressed effectively with mobile technology in an accelerated, customized, and affordable solution.